About us

We are a young team of entrepreneurs with over 5 years of experience in the online flower-delivery industry. After working in different fields of this e-commerce business, we decided to innovate some of the more problematic parts of the industry, and the result is InstaFlor.

We want to change some of the basic principles that move online flower-delivery world-wide. Our experience in the field has given us great knowledge of its strengths, but also its weaknesses.

We have two main goals:

  • Allowing online flower-delivery websites, our clients, to retain profits.
  • Ensuring that the recipient receives a product that corresponds to the price paid by the customer.

How do we do it?

To avoid the high costs caused by long chains of intermediaries charging different commissions along the way, we have created a system which ensures high quality uniformly across Spain, reaching even the smallest towns. We do not charge unclear commissions, but rather a fixed rate per order which will allow our customers to create higher profits, while our products correspond to the real price of the products, in order to deliver a top quality bouquet and avoid unhappy customers and recipients. Transparency is one of our main values.

We want to be your direct connection to every house in Spain!