Work with InstaFlor

B2B Service

InstaFlor provides flower-delivery websites a reliable and high-quality service in Spain and Portugal (including islands). We control all of our product in our production center, and ensure on-time delivery, all at a very competitive price. We achieve this by cutting the chain short, and handling orders from the moment you receive it from your customer, till it is delivered.

We are the perfect B2B partner if you need inexpensive but high quality flower delivery in Spain, Portugal and Latin-America. Many international companies already trust our work and have seen their profits increase with our partnership.

Our program is a free way for you to start making more money by selling our fresh flowers without processing any orders or having customer service.

International and national flower delivery for local florists

If you run a local flower shop and are in need to send flowers abroad for your customers, contact us and we will include you in our partner's program, offering you the best prices and service available so that you can have a happy customer and make a profit. Remember we deliver in 13 countries in the world.

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